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2017 CSA

We would like to thank you all for your continued support.  So many of you have been with us from the start of our CSA 6 years ago.  Our CSA is a true partnership between you and our farm.  It is with your support that we are able to continue to offer all of you fresh organic produce year after year.  One of the best parts of our CSA is watching  so many of your children come to the farm excited to see what they will get that week.  We love to see them visit the chickens and we are going to be adding a few pet bunnies this year that we are sure they will love! 

2017 CSA Full & Half Shares Available!

We are pleased to announce our Shortt's Farm 2017 CSA information! For those of you who are new to our farm we are a certified organic vegetable farm on Riverside Road in Sandy Hook. We grow a variety of summer and fall vegetables.

Want to be sure you are in for 2017? Please contact us as soon as possible. Shares will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Though there are no "due dates" we expect to fill the remainder of our spots quickly so if you would like to become a member we suggest signing up as soon as possible.

What to expect:
Every year we look to see what parts of our CSA can be improved upon.  One thing we know you all enjoyed was the emails we sent with recipes and tips on what to do with the different produce.  We will continue to do this going forward and hope to do a better job of sending them weekly. We also encourage emails from you with ideas and recipes on how to use up your veggies.  Its really fun to see how creative many of you get and we enjoy passing these ideas on to other members!

The herb gardens have continued to be a big hit with many of you.  We had many members tell us that they had never cooked with fresh herbs much before they joined our CSA.  They loved the flavor they added to many of their favorite dishes.  We plan to expand the herb garden again this year. We will add more of the most popular herbs like parsley, dill and cilantro as well as adding some new varieties like marjoram and tarragon.  Basil continues to be a problem here in Connecticut.  We now have something called Downey Mildew that entered our state a few years back.  The mildew attacks the plants and usually by the end of July the plants are dead so we encourage members to freeze as much basil early on as they need.

Our eggs are probably one of the most popular items on our farm.  We usually start the season off with a dozen eggs in your basket.  Unfortunately we do not have enough chickens to continue to add eggs to your share weekly.  Our chickens are getting older and as they age their laying slows down.  And as many of you know they also go on strike when it gets too hot in late July and August.  This is the reality of free range chickens.  On a typical egg farm the chickens are kept inside with temperature control and artificial light to keep them laying longer.   However we will be adding some more chickens this spring so by next fall we should have a better egg supply.

We also know that many of you enjoyed our "choice table".  Though we have done this in the past occasionally, we really tried to do this weekly this past season.  We feel this gives you a little more control with your weekly menus which is important to us so we will continue to do this again this year. 

As with any farm our soils allow us to grow a wide range of produce however there are some crops that just don't grow well for us.  Last year we planted almost 300 lbs. of potatoes, unfortunately we literally yielded maybe 50 lb. from this. It was a complete loss.  Onions are another crop we don't have much luck with however we continue to try different  growing methods and will try again this year!   Below is a list of crops we plan to grow this year.
Lettuce Carrots
Cherry Tomatoes Potatoes
Slicing Tomatoes Swiss Chard
Summer Squash Kale
Winter Squash Scallions
Sweet Peppers Onion
Eggplant Bush Beans
Cabbage Pole Beans
Celery Cucumbers
Radish Broccoli

In addition to your weekly pick up, as members you will also receive a $25.00 voucher that can be used throughout the season in our farm store. This voucher is our way to show appreciation to our members and is not included in the price of your share.  It can be used in the store at any time for eggs and produce however it does expire in October. 


Our CSA ran 20 weeks last year.  We felt that this was too long.   We noticed  that the last few shares were very repetitive in what we offered and that with the shorter days and change in your schedules many of you forgot to pick up the last few shares. Because of this we have decided to shorten the CSA season by two weeks.  Below are the dates of this years CSA.

The cost of the share will remain the same this year.  There will be a slight increase in the amount of produce in your share to make up for the shorter season. 

We are also offering a store voucher once again for those of you who wish to continue to support the farm but find the CSA to not fit your needs.  The Voucher can be used in the store at anytime but cannot be used at the farmers markets.

The cost is as follows:

Full Share $585.00
Half Share $440.00
Store Voucher $300.00 (Receive $360.00 voucher)


Full Share = Family of 4 or more

June 21 to October 18
Pick up every Wednesday after 2 PM

Half Share = 1 to 2 people

June 25 to October 22
Pick up every Sunday after 2PM

New Canaan Shares (Full Share Only)

July 1 to October 29
Pick up every Saturday between 10 AM and 2 PM
NOTE: We only sell full shares to our New Canaan members. 

NOTE: Corn and non-organic fruits.

We do not grow corn as it is nearly impossible to do organically without it being "wormy" so we do add non organic Connecticut Grown non GMO corn to the shares.  We also add non organic Connecticut Grown fruit to the shares when in season.  Fruit to be included: peaches, nectarines, apples and pears.  If you do not wish to have non-organic items in your basket, let us know when you send in your check and we will make up the difference each week with our own organic produce.

All other produce is ceritified organic and raised on our farm. 

We are thriled to be partnering with Butcher's Best once again this year to offer what we think is a great addition to our traditional CSA.  The meat share was a great success last season and so many of you asked that it be extended.  Unfortunately we were unable to do that last season but we are happy to say that the meat share will run for 12 weeks this year instead the 8 weeks it ran last year.

Butcher's Best offers an incredible product that is far superior to the grocery stores.  The cost of buying your meat through the CSA is about a 7% savings than what you would pay if you went directly to their store.  We think the  real savings comes from the convenience of having everything ready to pick up  all in one place each week.  Below is a list of the meat you will get in your share if you choose the meat add on

Meat Menu for 2017:

Week 1:        Whole Chicken                       4lb. average
Week 2:        Chopped Meat                        3lb. average
Week 3:        Baby Back Ribs                       3lb. average
Week 4:        Boneless Chicken Breast        3lb average
Week 5:        Sirloin Tip Steak                      3lb average
Week 6:        Italian Sausage                      2lb.average
Week 7:        Chicken Legs                          3lb. average
Week 8:        Sirloin Patties                         3 packs of 4 patties
Week 9:        Boneless Pork Chops             3lb. average
Week 10:      Chicken Stir Fry                      3lb average
Week 11:      Beef Stir Fry                            3lb. average
Week 12:      Sausage Patties                     3lb. average

The cost of the meat share is $350.00.  Please note that in order to keep the price down for the additional 4 weeks we have made the lb. per week slightly smaller than last years.  

Farmshares are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.
To sign up for our CSA, please mail a check to:
Shortt's Farm and Garden Center
52A Riverside Road
Sandy Hook, CT 06482

or call 203-426-9283

***Important***  Please include your email address when you send in your check.  Even though I already have all your emails, it can be hard to find you among our 750 contacts.  Thanks!!!

We will send out an email in June to participants with exact instructions and more details on your share. Your cancelled check will be your receipt but if you need further confirmation you can always email us.


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Thank you for your interest in CSA and thanks to our
past members for supporting our efforts!

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